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Discovery & Asset Management

Allows you to carry out the Discovery of all IT equipment in an instant and comprehensively, as well as the licenses and configuration for this equipment, automatically with no need for staffing.

Remote Control

Enables you to connect easily, quickly and safety to any PC both on Internet and over the corporate intranet.

Incidents, Requests, Knowledge Base (KB) And Service Level Management (SLM)

Incorporates all modules necessary for complete implementation or phase-by-phase implementation of a Service Desk.


It i the central connection point between IT and the business, indispensable for guaranteeing that every decision is made so as to maximize the contribution of value to the business, while at the same time minimizing risks.

Problem, Change And Releases Management

Has as its main objective the continual improvement in provision of the service by helping decrease the total volume of incidents, as well as their time of resolution.

Service Catalogue and Portfolio

Guarantees that all areas of the business can have a consistent and precise image of the IT services.

Capacity and Availability Management

Optimizes and monitors the IT services so that they operate correctly and without interruptions at a reasonable cost and supported by correctly scaled resources.

Continuity Management (ITSCM)

Undertakes to prevent that a serious, unforeseen interruption in services results in major consequences for the business.


The proactivanet software is made up of various modules that can be used to manage incidents, equipment discovery, and it and cmdb services.

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