Discovery & IT Asset Management (ITAM)

This enables us to find out at once the complete inventory of hardware and software in your IT equipment, including software licenses and configuration of the equipment, all in a fully automated manner.

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What is it?

Proactivanet Discovery & IT Asset Management (ITAM) enables you to find out the inventory of all IT equipment (hardware, software, network devices,...), in an instant and comprehensively, as well as its software licenses and configuration, in a fully automated manner with no need for staffing: 110% of your IT equipment is discovered using an automated method, with no effort or tedious manual tasks required, thereby contributing to an important cost savings and improvement in the security of the infrastructure.

In addition, Supplier and Contract Management enables you to monitor and control all suppliers and contracts, both for the purchasing of hardware and software and for the contracting of services.



Do you need to reduce the annual costs for software licensing?


Do you have to submit to a new software audit conducted by a manufacturer?


Do you have insufficient staff for managing an increasingly large-scale and complex infrastructure?


Has a warning about a new wave of viruses just arrived and you do not know which equipment is potentially vulnerable?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the foregoing questions, then Proactivanet Discovery & Asset Management is the solution.



Control of IT equipment


savings on licensing each year

153K USD

USD saved on PCs


time to resolution of incidents

Reduce information security risks.

Improve decision-making on infrastructure investments.

Improve productivity of your support technicians.

Simplify the digital transformation.

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Discovery & IT Asset Management (ITAM)
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Proactivanet is a practical and useful IT tool for organizations.

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