An effective combination of power and agility

It avoids costly tools that are difficult to implement, using instead the most highly rated tool on the market, thanks to its power and ease of implementation.

Avoid solutions that cannot address 100% of your needs.


These are less professional tools or tools with overly simple maturity processes

  • There are many obstacles to achieving superior levels of maturity.


Proactivanet is the only tool that combines the power and agility that IT departments currently require

  • Powerful ITAM & ITSM solutions.
  • Agile implementation process.
  • Maturity methodology adapted to your organization (x ITIL v4 processes).


Complex and monolithic ITAM and ITSM processes/tools

  • Complexity of achieving the expected ROI.
  • Lengthy implementation processes.
  • They cannot address 100% of your real needs.
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