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Deliver a better experience for your patients and healthcare professionals, have control over all IT assets and get relevant information for decision making.

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Health comes first.

In the healthcare sector, it is crucial that all technology and IT services work together to provide the best service to medical staff and their patients.

Achieve more humane healthcare by automating processes to improve people's lives!

Take control of all the IT assets of your hospital or healthcare center, protect your patients by reducing risks and possible cyber-attacks.

Discover how Proactivanet can help you deliver a quality experience to your employees and patients, increase the security of your systems and optimize IT investments.

Some data from the sector
  • 60% of practitioners believe that automation will have a high impact on the patient experience.

The Future of Healthcare How do patients and healthcare professionals perceive it? 2022

  • +90% of all healthcare organizations reported at least one security breach in the last 3 years.

The state of the financial sector ransomware 2021

"High healthcare costs have pushed patients to delay seeking medical treatment."

La reducción de los costes sanitarios aumenta el volumen de pacientes en 2023

How can Proactivanet help you?
  • Centralizes attention on a single platform.
  • Facilitates self-service, freeing up hours of your technicians' time.
  • Improve the service provided to your patients and increase their satisfaction levels.
  • Increase the productivity of your medical staff.
  • 110% visibility of your IT infrastructure.
  • Detects potentially vulnerable assets.
  • Detects underutilized licenses and optimizes IT department investments.

"Thanks to the automation in Proactivanet's Incident Management, today we have a 98% ticket resolution rate. In addition, with Asset Management we have obtained savings of more than 150,000 USD per year in the renewal of PCs."

Francisco Gómez, Regional IT Coordinator
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Successful management of your IT services, better customer service and fast and automatic IT inventory.
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