Incident management

This optimizes your users’ experience, automates IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and improves the productivity of the support service.

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What is it?

With Proactivanet Service Desk, the IT department will be able to increase the level of user satisfaction, by reducing times to resolution of incidents and integrating self-service tools and multi-channel chatbots. In other words, your department will be able to provide a much better service with the same resources, while at the same time technicians gain in productivity and in free time to spend on tasks that generate greater value for the organization.

Proactivanet incorporates dashboards with numerous reports and metrics for making decisions from any location quickly and easily based on data in visual format. Or if you prefer, Proactivanet also integrates with any external BI tool, such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, tableau, Pentaho... In any event, the important thing is to have dashboards that enable us to find out in real time the performance of the support processes, and above all, the status in real time of the IT services that are being provided to the organization.



Are you looking to increase the level of satisfaction of your users?


Do you need to improve the productivity of your technicians and free up more of their time so that they can focus on tasks of greater value for the business?


Do you need to manage your incidents and requests in an agile manner, centralized in a single system?


Is it difficult to create reports with precise data that help make better decisions?


Are you lacking a clear overview of purchasing and contracts concluded with suppliers?



reduction in time to resolution of tickets.

Reduce costs by avoiding repetitive tasks and verifying the service levels of external providers

Improve the productivity of technicians and end users through automation of processes and use of self-service tools.

Reduce risks for continuity of services by prioritizing critical incidents.

Add value to the business through decision-making based on reliable information and in real time (not assumptions).

CEO, Communications Equipment

"Very Good Suite For Managing IT Services"


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Incident Management
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