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Maximizes the productivity of your organization and that of your clients by offering support from any location and any device.

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What is it?

Proactivanet remote control will enable you to connect easily, quickly and safely to any one of your IT devices both on Internet and over the corporate Intranet Regardless of the location of the technician and of the user Regardless of what type of device each of them is using, there will always be some method to connect both remotely. Even when the user is not available, unstaffed sessions can be held.

Proactivanet Remote Control reduces operating costs and improves the experience of your clients by reducing times to resolution of their incidents. And all this is possible without jeopardizing information security, since the communication is encrypted.

It is as easy as a telephone call and as effective as an on-site visit.



Is it necessary to provide support to devices outside of the network or to users who are traveling or working remotely? Or is it necessary to offer remote support when the technician is also outside of the local network?


Is it necessary to provide support to devices of collaborators or of external providers?


Does the remote-control tool have performance problems when it is connected to remote sites with low bandwidth?


Is the business concerned with finding out what the technicians do in devices with sensitive information?


Reduce costs by eliminating operational expenses and travel time.

Facilitate remote work,by making it possible to offer support service as if you were in the office, even though everyone is out of the office.

Improve the productivity of technicians and the experience of final clients by reducing times to resolution of incidents.

Reduce risks to information security by recording the sessions and always using secure protocols.

Add value to the business by offering new communication channels and remote support.


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