For IT Managers

Reduce costs and protect your IT infrastructure while also improving service to your users.

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Discover 110% of your IT infrastructure and save costs

Proactivanet discovers your entire IT infrastructure using automation without installing agents and saves costs by identifying and eliminating underused software licenses.

Start making decisions based on real-time data

Thanks to Proactivanet’s dashboards and reports you will have quick and easy access to information in visual format - and from any location!

All your equipment fully integrated and working in harmony

Proactivanet is capable of integrating multiple processes into a single centralized system.
Management of Incidents, Requests, Changes, Assets, CMDB,...all of these can use the same central system that shares continuously updated information among all devices.

Empower different areas of your organization

Enable your equipment to gain independence from the IT department by making available tools to reduce times to diagnosis and resolution of incidents.

Why Proactivanet?


savings on licensing (Gartner)


less time to resolution of incidents (Farmacias del Ahorro)

Capable of detecting unused HW and SW infrastructures.

A modular solution, adapted to your needs with Proactivanet Maturity Model.

Elimination of information silos.

Improvement of your technicians productivity.

CTO, Health Sector

A tool from a leading company on the market that has enabled us to maintain a full display of all our operations and given us complete control of our IT assets by providing us with an easy and efficient method for implementing ITIL practices.

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