Vulnerability management

Reduce risks by anticipating potential cyberattacks BEFORE they occur. No effort needed for detection, no effort needed to action.

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What is it?

Vulnerability Management and Early Alert, together with Proactivanet Discovery and Asset Management will help you find out which vulnerabilities really affect your IT equipment as well as their level of criticality.

Minimize to the greatest extent possible the risk that a potential cyberattack could jeopardize your corporate systems.



Are you overwhelmed by hundreds of emails warning you of new vulnerabilities? And are you unsure whether these might affect you?


Do you need to find out in more detail the level of vulnerability of your network, but you do not have time, resources or sufficient budget?


Are you certain that you need to improve the security of your network, but you don’t know where to start?


Are the reports on vulnerabilities of the network always outdated? And do you have to update them every time that they are needed?


Do regulatory requirements stipulate that you must implement risk and vulnerability management?



inventory discovered

“The longer a vulnerability remains undetected, the greater the likelihood of a breach of security”

Reduce the costs of recovery and of potential penalties derived from cyberattacks.

Decrease risks for continuity of services, thanks to a reduction of cyberattacks due to early detection of vulnerabilities.

Improve your clients’ experience by offering them greater availability of the services.

Provide greater added value for the business with greater stability and availability of the services.


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