Manufacture quality, efficiency and security

You can obtain an uninterrupted, high-quality and secure IT service, which will boost productivity and automate productive processes.

In the industrial sector, quality and productivity, without risks, are crucial for success. IT departments must support the automation of processes and control the IT infrastructures that are critical for maintaining production.

Nowadays, factories must manage a constantly increasing collection of IT assets and, to reduce risks, it is fundamental to monitor all devices to ensure that they have been updated and are secure.

Moreover, one of the greatest challenges in industrial cybersecurity is the convergence between the IT world and the OT world with the common goal of making secure use of technology in accordance with the demands of the business.

Would you like to find out how Proactivanet is helping the main industries control all their IT services at a single point and obtain complete visibility of their IT infrastructure?

Some data from the sector


  • 80% of the production managers consider it essential to expedite digitalization processes in the supply chain.

Source: Accenture


ITAM (cybersecurity)

  • 36% of all manufacturing and production organizations were affected by ransomware last year.
  • 49% of the attacks scrambled data.
  • 19% of victims paid ransom.
  • 1.52 million USD in average recovery costs.

Source: The current state of ransomware in Financial Services 2021, Sophos.

How can Proactivanet help you?
  • 110% visibility of your IT infrastructure.
  • Automation of your IT processes.
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs.
  • Minimization of your security risks.
  • Service availability ensured.
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