Continuity Management (ITSCM)

This prevents a serious, unforeseen interruption in services from resulting in major consequences for the business.

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What is it?

Business Continuity Management has as its ultimate goal that the business can continue operating even if something drastic occurs such as an outage in the IT infrastructure (e.g. due to a cyberattack), or natural disasters.

This module will help you to implement a strategy to reduce risks that could affect the IT services provided by the organization , to find out about threats to which the IT infrastructure is subject, and to propose and implement the necessary mitigating actions.

In the event that difficulties appear and negatively affect the provision of services, this module will help ensure that prior, fully tested and defined Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) (DPRs) mitigate the negative impact to the business of theseservice outages.



Are you worried about a cyberattack causing an outage of the service?


Does it seem like there is never a budget for implementing plans?


Does the business want to implement recovery plans, but nobody knows where to start, and there is no budget or specific resources?


Can you guarantee that recovery plans are up-to-date?


Does the regulatory framework require you to implement a management system that includes IT recovery plans aligned with business continuity management (BCM)?



of companies experienced an unforeseen interruption and the great majority (81%) of these interruptions caused the closure of the company during one or more days.


of companies that suffer a critical outage affecting IT close in less than one year.


of companies that suffer an important loss of data close in less than one year.

10 days

Companies that are not capable of resuming operations within a ten-day period (after a disaster) have a low probability of surviving.


Reduce costs by establishing preventive strategies prioritizing the most critical services.

Diminish risks for the continuity of services and for information security by mitigating risks and threats that could affect the business’s critical services.

Contribute value to the business by restoring services rapidly in the event of a serious outage, minimizing economic and reputational losses.


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