A new impetus in the modernization of your customers

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Proactivanet Partner Program

We are excited to welcome you to the Proactivanet Partner Program, the fastest growing specialized ITAM + ITSM solution in the Latin market.

Partners are essential to our business model, and our entire operation and corporate culture are focused on partner success. How do we understand this success?

  • We will increase your sales and grow your business. And we will provide you with all the necessary tools, processes and methodology.
  • We will help you to generate value for your customers, to transform and modernize your business processes.

Decide the format. For each type of partner, we have a different value proposition that fits your needs and your business model.

Many opportunities are waiting for us!

Five reasons to become a partner
of Proactivanet


Bring value to your current customers with a new product and service

Help your customers achieve their goals and objectives through the benefits of Proactivanet. Let's drive your customers' transformation.


Get new customers with this new product and service.

Win new customers through the fastest growing ITSM solution in the Spanish-speaking market.


Increase your revenue with specialized consulting services

You will be part of the channel enabled to offer high value services to the customer: consulting, training, GAP analysis, development of metrics and reports, development of integrations with other solutions,...


Improve your recurring revenue

Through this alliance we will increase your recurring revenues. We will enable you to become a strategic ally of the client and deliver recurring services.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourself better.

The market is changing and customers expect solutions with at least the same power as traditional tools, but with infinitely more agility to solve their needs.

Choose your partner program

Authorized reseller

If you have an opportunity and one of your customers needs Proactivanet, contact us. Through this model, more agile and light, we will be able to help you. It is an ideal format to get started and explore the potential of other formats.

Commercial Distributor

This format is completely aimed at increasing your sales. It is designed for organizations with experience and capacity to form a strategic relationship, a business plan and joint actions to generate value to the market.

Service Distributor

A format beyond a commercial transaction, focused on organizations with high maturity in the delivery of high value services. We have everything ready to enable you and form a strategic alliance with Proactivanet.