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It is impossible to control something if you are not aware of its existence, let alone to secure it.

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Control 110% of your infrastructure at a glance!

With Discovery & Asset Management you will obtain an exhaustive inventory of your IT infrastructure, thereby detecting vulnerable assets to prevent possible attacks.

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Minimize the number of security incidents

With Incident Management and Request Management you can automate tasks, while detecting the warranties of all devices and streamlining SAM audits.

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IT is a match! ITAM + ITSM

By integrating ITAM and ITSM you will have highly relevant information about the level of security or vulnerability of the IT assets involved in the incident (as well as other assets that could potentially be vulnerable).

Why Proactivanet?


of your assets discovered (Riu Hotels)


savings on licensing each year

Fewer interruptions in the service

Compliance with the demands of the regulatory bodies.

Rapid and efficient deployment.

No need to install agents.

Early detection of vulnerabilities.

By 2024, organizations that adopt a grid architecture for cybersecurity will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%.

Source: Gartner
Security and Risk Management - Banking sector

“Comprehensive system that enables management of technology in accordance with the best practices. Very easy to use and easy to integrate and customize.”

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