Profamilia, a non-profit association, is the largest private institution at the national level that has been promoting respect and the army of sexual and reproductive rights in Colombia for 54 years. Through successful business management and permanent innovation, Profamilia guarantees high levels of quality in its operation to contribute to the wellbeing and development of Colombians, and to be a national and international reference.

Sector Health
Country Colombia

“With the implementation of Proactivanet, we were able to organize our activities and optimize our resources. We achieved 91% compliance with the SLAs of the incidents and requests we receive monthly. In addition, with the information it provides, it has become a support for decision making aimed at leveraging the success of the organization.”

Dario Sanabria - IT Director
  • Tracking and management of user requests
  • Control of technology assets, very important due to the geographic dispersion of our organization
  • Remote workstation support
  • Tracking and control of technology staff activities
  • Optimization of technology resources
  • Follow-up on the fulfillment of indicators
  • Improved credibility and trust of the technology department
  • Creation of a culture of help desk use throughout the organization
  • Expansion of the use of the tool to other areas of the organization: Maintenance, Electromedicine, Application Functional Support...
  • Focus on problems and not on incidents
  • Easy management of technology assets
  • Optimization of the use of technology resources (human and technical)
  • Today, Proactivanet is the central axis of the technology operation



users served in 38 offices throughout the country


Compliance with SLAs

Increased user satisfaction