BCI Seguros

Key strategy for a company at the forefront of IT process management:

Successfully eliminate information silos by natively integrating IT Asset and Service Management.


Leaders in the general insurance market in Chile, BCI Seguros is comprised of three major companies: BCI Seguros Generales, BCI Seguros de Vida and Zenit Seguros Generales. Its clients are divided into two large groups: individuals and small and medium-sized companies. They currently have 11 branches throughout Chile, a solid customer service telephone platform and a recognized omnichannel strategy.

Its success is based on its philosophy, focused on innovation, quality, proximity, excellence, efficiency, multichannel deployment in its sales and recognized brand in the market.

Sector Banking and Insurance / Services
Country Chile / Perú

“One of the objectives of the project was to connect, to integrate as much as possible natively 3 worlds of our IT management: service management (ITSM), asset management (ITAM) and software development lifecycle management. With Proactivanet in less than a year we have natively integrated 2 of them (ITSM, ITAM). In addition, through APIs and triggers, we aspire to integrate with our Devops ecosystem in the future”

Fernando Jil - Deputy Manager of Governance and Transversal Services IT
  • We were using 10 different tools to support IT processes, not integrated, which generated context changes, loss of productivity, traceability problems and negatively affected customer satisfaction.
  • There were 3 different IT ticketing system implementations, which favored the silo culture.
  • There were difficulties to measure IT management and therefore, decision making.
  • Implementation of a single system to manage requests and incidents (ITSM)
  • Parameterization of a system IT change flow, from start to finish, with its respective optimized form, linked to its file (CMDB), with the functional requirement or incident that justifies it; and the respective CAB authorizations.
  • Implementation of a CMDB to manage the relationships between the different customized configuration items (systems, web services, among others) and those automatically detected with the ITAM module.



Resources (time) equivalent to 9 weeks are freed up (considering a universe of 30,000 tickets).


tickets resolved in 18 months


SLAs met


in quality improvement in the provision of IT services to the business

“We expect to move in a period of 3 years to another step of maturity, it only depends on persevering in the culture of continuous improvement based on metrics and that our ally Proactivanet continues to move forward with its roadmap of new features, including new APIs and triggers”

Gonzalo Zúñiga - Project Manager at BCI Seguros


Why did they choose Proactivanet?

Native coverage of the improvement needs of 4 relevant IT processes.

Possibility of integration with the rest of the office automation and collaboration suite tools (Teams, Office 365).

Exhaustive list of needs and very competitive price.