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Provide your users with a quality service, modernize your services and increase the productivity of your equipment.

The use of digital channels to interact with citizens and companies is essential in the public sector. It is necessary to modernize support services, automate intelligent processes, provide digital tools and self-service tools and achieve an optimized experience for citizens and companies.

Moreover, the number of cyberattacks in the public sector has risen more rapidly in recent years, leaving millions of users without service. For this reason, it is essential to have in place proper asset management that helps you control 110% of your IT equipment, since this is a fundamental component for preventing malware and cyberattacks in the organization.

Find out how we can help you provide a quality experience to citizens, while always keeping your infrastructure secure.

Some data from the sector
  • 90% of public organizations need to transform service provision and must utilize reliable operations that guarantee data security and data privacy.

Source: IDC


  • 40% of all public organizations were affected by ransomware last year.
  • 49% of the attacks scrambled data.
  • 42% of victims paid ransom.
  • 1.37 million USD in average recovery costs.

Source: The current state of ransomware in Financial Services 2021, Sophos.

How can Proactivanet help you?
  • 110% visibilidad de tu infraestructura TI. eng
  • Automation of administrative support and repetitive tasks in order to free up resources.
  • Increase of your staff productivity.
  • Optimization of citizens and companies experience.
  • Reduction of your security risks.
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