Service Catalogue and Portfolio

The Service Catalogue and Portfolio guarantees that all areas of the business have a consistent and precise image of the IT services.

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What is it?

The Service Catalogue is the central source for all information on IT services delivered to the organization, making it key when striving to attain top quality in provision of services.

Furthermore, in today’s rapidly changing world, the catalogue must be extended for management, creation, modification and discontinuation of services, from the start to finish, thus entering the domain of Service Portfolio Management.

This is the key tool for planning and strategic alignment with the needs of the business.



Do some users think that the IT department is there to provide a solution for anything at all, that everything is included?


Does it seem that all incidents and requests are critical and must be resolved immediately?


Does the business call for new services, but there are no clear priorities or resources with which to set them all up?


Does the business need regulatory frameworks or legal requirements? ISO 20000, The National Security Framework (ENS), MAAGTICSI, Business continuity plan?


Reduce costs by conducting a correct analysis and planning of the services relevant for the business.

Improve productivity for the end users through correct classification of tickets, which will help reduce the times to resolution.

Reduce risks to the continuity of services by determining which services are provided and their real impact on the business processes.

Add value for the business by providing IT services aligned with its real needs and by responding with agility to the digitalization of processes.


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