Capacity and Availability

This module from Proactivanet will help you optimize and monitor your IT services so that they operate correctly and without interruptions at a reasonable cost and supported by correctly scaled resources.

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What is it?

Proactivanet integrates Capacity and Availability Management with the rest of ITSM processes, thus making it possible not only to monitor levels of availability and performance of the infrastructure, but also of the services themselves, which is really what is relevant for the business.

Moreover, it makes it possible automate the creation and closure of incidents in the event of downtime and/or jeopardized capacities, thus controlling the level of compliance with the SLAs arranged with the client, or even providing a real-time display of the status of the services within the CMDB itself.



Are there availability problems due to lack of capacity?


Is it frequent to detect false positives for infrastructure failures that do not affect the availability of the services, but instead only create “noise” for the technicians?


How do I justify to the business that the infrastructure is at the limit of its capacity?


Do the users notice that an IT service has collapsed before the IT department itself does?


Reduce costs by preventing investment in underused equipment.

Improve the client’s experience by reducing downtime of the services.

Reduce risks to the continuity of services by detecting outages in service before they affect the user.

Generate value for the business by improving the availability of services and reducing times to resolution of incidents.


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