Improving quality of life in the education sector

Meets the needs of teachers, students and administrative staff at your educational center by providing them with a simple tool that is tailor-made for them.

Educational centers must take on new digital challenges while training future leaders. Proactivanet automates their tasks to provide them with a one-of-a-kind digital experience. It provides them with 24×7 self-service capability, a knowledge base and an omni-channel chat to resolve their cases rapidly wherever they might be.

Moreover, distance learning means that students connect from remote locations with their own devices, which makes it necessary to have visibility and control the entire IT infrastructure in order to prevent risks and possible cyberattacks.

Find out how Proactivanet can help you boost productivity at your center and increase the security of your systems.

Some data from the sector
  • 44% of all educational organizations were affected by ransomware last year.
  • 58% of the attacks scrambled data.
  • 35% of victims paid ransom.
  • 2.73 million USD in average recovery costs.

Source: The current state of ransomware in Financial Services 2021, Sophos.


  • 39% of students prefer to resolve their incidents on their own using self-service options instead of speaking with a human agent.
How can Proactivanet help you?
  • 110% visibility of your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduction of your security risks.
  • Increase of your teaching staff productivity.
  • Optimization of your students experience.
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