CMDB (Configuration Management)

Central connection point between IT and the business, indispensable for guaranteeing that every decision is made so as to maximize the contribution of value to the business, while at the same time minimizing risks.

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What is it?

Proactivanet’s CMDB is key for visualizing how IT services are being provided to the organization and for making operational decisions based on reliable information. Moreover, its integration with the Discovery & Asset Management tool, as well as with IT Service Management (ITSM) increases the added value to the business while minimizing the risks. We might say that CMDB is like a dictionary that translates from the language of business into that of technology. What is each asset that we have in the network used for? Which technological elements are behind the provision of each IT service?


Is it increasingly difficult to defend investments in technology to the CEO?


Are operational and maintenance costs always increasing?


Is there a silo mentality? Is there nobody who really knows how services are provided?


Does the business meet the legal and regulatory requirements of ISO 20000, National Security Framework (NSF) or MAAGTICSI?

The combination of Proactivanet’s Asset Management and its CMBD will help you address issues raised above.


Reduce costs by detecting underused infrastructure and optimizing investment decisions.

Generate value for the business by maximizing the ROI of each investment.

Reduce risks to information security by detecting obsolete and non-updated infrastructure, thereby helping prevent cyberattacks.

Reduce risks to continuity of services by detecting possible critical points (SPOFs, Single Points of Failure).

CIO, Provider

“Proactivanet es una herramienta flexible y adaptable a las necesidades específicas de la organización, ha facilitado la gestión de incidencias y peticiones y el mantenimiento de un inventario actualizado de la infraestructura de TI para poder estructurar nuestra CMDB. “


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