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What is ChaTI?

Proactivanet ChaTI is a multi-channel chatbot (Web, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Telegram,…), which enables provision of support services 24x7x365, in Spanish, and with continuous learning, thanks to its capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which conduct a constant, real-time analysis of the users’ interactions.

Its out-of-the-box integration with Proactivanet’s Management of Incidents, Requests and Knowledge means that ChaTI can generate value from the first day. There is no need to reconfigure the system: all existing configurations in other processes are available in ChaTI from the first day.



Does the business demand an increasing level of service, but the resources needed to meet expectations are not available?


Do your users have difficulties getting in touch with the service desk?


Are the support technicians overwhelmed? And does this prevent them from focusing on the tasks of greatest importance?


Does remote work make it harder to provide support to users, since they work from any location, at any time and with any type of device?


Availability 24x7x365

without adding more support technicians.


savings on customer service (BI Intelligence, The Chatbots Explainer).


less time in call waiting (Gartner). *


fewer calls to customer service (Verizon)*

Rapid ROI, without prolonged start-up procedures, with minimal effort.

Automated customer service

Unblocking of accounts and changes of password of the AD.

By 2025, customer service organizations that integrate AI into their multi-channel platform for interaction with the customers will increase their operating efficiency by 25%.

Source: Gartner


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