Do you know how to make your infrastructure more secure?

Do you know how to make your infrastructure more secure?


Security is currently one of the greatest worries that CIOs are dealing with. The pandemic has created and continues to generate a situation in which remote work has multiplied exponentially, which stretches the capacity of our organizations and of our infrastructures to the limit. The company networks have left their comfort zone from one day to the next, extending the cables of the network to the living rooms of our houses with the accompanying risks for the security.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) proposes a set of 20 controls which, little by little, will help us to achieve greater security for our infrastructure. Of these 20 controls that the CIS proposes, the primary and essential ones are:

  • Inventory and management of hardware assets
  • Inventory and management of software assets

This is because it is impossible to protect something if you are not aware of its existence. Therefore, IT Asset Management is an indispensable ally for security.

Just download our whitepaper and find out about 10 actions that an IT Asset Management System offers you for securing your infrastructure immediately!

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