Proactivanet Certified Developer is the professional certification program for specialized technicians who intend to offer professional services that accompany sales and maintenance of Proactivanet projects.

Benefits of joining the program

  • You will accelerate the growth of your business and increase profitability.
  • You will receive specialized, top-level professional training on the world-class tool currently experiencing the fastest growth on the Latin American market.
  • You will become part of an ecosystem of professional technicians of recognized standing where you can boost your professional development.

Types of accreditations

Proactivanet BI Certified Developer, focused on development of specific lists and dashboard metrics that make it possible to mine data in accordance with the clients’ specific necessities.

Proactivanet INT Certified Developer, focused on developing bidirectional integration with external systems such as ERPs, CRMs, personnel DBs, other ITAM / ITSM systems,…

Proactivanet BI+ Certified Developer, focused on developing advanced reports using the reporting tool integrated in Proactivanet and on integration with BI (Business Intelligence) external systems.

Proactivanet MON Certified Developer, focused on integration of the Zabbix monitoring tool to calculate availability and capacity of the services and infrastructure in real time.