Success story BCI Seguros together with Conytec Consultores

8 de June de 2022

BCI Seguros, a leading firm on its market in Chile, placed its trust in Conytec Consultores and in the Proactivanet tool in order to be able to centralize requests from end-users at a single contact point. After months of work, we can already assert that this implementation has become one of our success stories.

About BCI Seguros

Leader on the insurance market in Chile, BCI Seguros BCI Seguros comprises three major lines of insurance: BCI General Insurance, BCI Life Insurance and Zenit General Insurance. Its success is based on its philosophy, which focuses on innovation, quality, proximity, excellence and efficiency.

Its users can be divided into two large groups: individuals and SMEs, and they have collaborators who provide them with a strong technological basis for responding to the needs of the end clients.

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Thank you for placing your trust in Proactivanet

This firm commitment to technology is what made the managers of this insurance firm choose Proactivanet, the software that provided them with what they needed in order to respond rapidly and efficiently to the end clients.

As Luis Cartes, Manager of Consulting Services at Conytec Consultores, explains, thanks to the implementation of this tool at the insurer they have achieved a management model with processes for continuous improvement. Furthermore, the process maturity level is 4 of 5, which means that they are putting in place the best ITIL processes.

On the other hand, Ivania Carmona, Proactivanet’s project manager for the Southern Cone, indicates that the use of this tool has made possible hyperautomation for a superior user experience

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